1-15 August
volunteer campus
World Tree Camp
Nickel, Murmansk region
The ecology of the soul we believe!

About the campus

Nickel lacks clean city space where one could relax, spend time with friends, or take the family for a walk. The volunteer campus is a modern way to attract attention to the socio-cultural problem.

What is going to be at the campus

  • works to clean the Kolosjoki riverbed
  • repairs of the bridge to the Sobachka hill
  • creating a modern city space
  • lectures and workshops from city development experts
  • creating a volunteer community of post-industrial cities

The main goal

A team of volunteer activists and professionals will create a new location in the city that is going to be the point of attraction for the local people and tourists. The campus is another move towards transforming Nickel from an industrial city into a post-industrial one, towards solving problems instead of ignoring them.

What awaits Nickel after the campus?


Development of the volunteer community of post-industrial cities


A clean modern riverside area


An active team of local people

For whom is the campus


Volunteer activists


Managers and staff members of organizations and cultural clusters with an industrial past


Professional city developers and creators of city spaces

World Tree Camp is not just a city cleaning project, it’s a project for the citizens who want to help the city improve. Let’s transform Nickel together!

Participation conditions

Any adult person can take part in the World Tree Camp volunteering programme. Applications must be made until July 14th.

The host party is responsible for:

  • organizing transportation to the location of the campus and back,
  • lodging the participants in double rooms with facilities and board.

Medical insurance for the duration of the campus including the transportation time is a must. It is the responsibility of the participants..

Where the campus is located

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